Budget Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Store

At some point, every retail store wishes to give their store space an upgrade. Having these certain changes can provide a fresh new look for your store and may even attract new customers in the process. Whatever you plan on doing, an upgrade will always give a positive impression to everyone.

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The first step to doing this is to figure out why exactly are you renovating. What do you expect to gain from this and are your expectations realistic? Will these changes affect the natural flow of your store? How much will it cost you? Well, if you are having trouble answering these questions, then perhaps this information below will help you out.

Focus on focal areas – If you can’t redo your entire store, then focus on the areas that people see first. Focal areas are those first areas that people see upon entering the store. This means that things like your carpet should be welcoming. Just get it done by a Surrey carpet restretching to achieve the flooring you desire. You can take a survey among your customers, staff, friends, and family to learn about those areas since their point of view can be the most helpful. It is also best to light each area up to make certain sections stand out.

Play the angles – You can dictate how customers walk through your store by knowing how to angle your front mat, fixtures, and signs. If you want the flow of traffic to be on the left, try to angle your fixtures and front mat to draw them to that area. Keep in mind that every angle creates a focal point at the end so focus on making it great.

Re-do your signage inside and out – Your signs can quickly get outdated. When you upgrade your store, make sure to update your signs and add some sign holders if you can. If your current sign is made of plexi and your store is more classic, just look at picture frames. Your frames shoulder either be all the same style and color or they work together visually.

Light it up – The new trend is the use of LED lights. If you are including your lighting in your upgrade, just go for LED’s since they are becoming more color-correct and affordable. Its energy-saving feature will help you enjoy energy savings very quickly. You can now add spotlights on prime focal areas once you’ve reduced your bulb and energy costs. Even though that redoing lighting is always costly, it can transform the look and feel of your store once it’s done right.

Refresh your exterior – Don’t forget to also include the exterior of your store because curb appeal is important. You can re-do it by getting new paint/plants/signs and other decorative elements that could add personality to your store. If your roofing is looking a little outdated, seek the help of Kerrisdale Roofing Vancouver to help you get an update for it.

Add color to your fixtures & shelving – There are several ways you can update your fixtures. If you have wood fixtures, you can enliven them with a fresh coat of paint. For your tables, you can cover the top with a piece of foamboard wrapped in fabric. Use tape over the staples to prevent scratches on the table surface. If you have shelving, you can cover the base of the shelves with fabric-covered foamcore or you can paint the back wall to reflect more light.